Guiding you to the finish line

Got a great idea for a book you want to write? Don’t know how to get started? Can’t find the time to write? Started writing, but have no clue how to make it to the finish line?  Trouble keeping your writing focused? No worries. Our editing, layout & design, and writing & publishing coach services give you a one-stop shop to acquire all the support you need to Get That Book Done!

Our writing coaching and publishing packages:

  • Help you get writing clarity
  • Help you create a writing plan
  • Help you create mechanisms and systems of accountability that enable you to:
    • Complete planned writing steps
    • Identify roadblocks and/or challenges that prevent you from writing and come up with strategies to overcome them
    • Learn, grow, and enhance your approach to writing along every step of the writing process
  • Help you establish progress check-ins that evaluate the effectiveness of your writing plan
  • Help you remove creativity blocks
  • Make the process easier, more fun and more effective